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Kitchen Deluxe Vegetable Steamer and Julienne Peeler #kitchendeluxe

Kitchen Deluxe Vegetable Steamer + Julienne Peeler

Vegetable Steamer Bundle

These amazing steamers expand and adjust to fit your various pot sizes and needs. This product uses rust proof stainless steel which gives it the flawless look it has. It opens up like a beautiful lily pad and collapses for the perfect storage size! They are dishwasher safe and comes assembled and ready to use. The bundle comes with a stainless steel vegetable steamer, a julienne veggie peeler slicer, and an E-book that comes complete with healthy recipes! Some steaming options include rice, veggies, fruits, seafood, hot dogs, seafood, tamales, dumplings, asparagus and so much more. This product is truly versatile and a kitchen must have!





I use this product almost everyday. I absolutely love steamed veggies and this steamer makes everything to perfection. The first time I  used it I was very skeptical mostly due to being very picky about how my vegetables are cooked and steamed.I  decided to be adventurous and try the recipes for steamed asparagus and broccoli  for dinner one day. My son hates vegetables and he devoured them that night. This steamer made them the perfect consistency and the flavor was amazing! I love that it was easy to use and fit to any pot size! I can choose my perfect portion sizes without having to much food left over to be wasted. I wouldn’t trade this product for anything.





I would recommend this product to everyone from a college student to a busy professional to a stay at home mom. Everyone will love the easy to use style of this steamer and will be amazed at how perfect your steamed side dishes and appetizers will come out! It is easy to store and clean as well as guaranteed not to rust from being used to much. This is perfect gift for the kitchen guru in your life. It will truly transform the way you cook and help you make healthier eating choices! You will love the healthy alternatives to your favorite greasy dishes. I can guarantee that once you try this you will fall in love and will want to find a way to use it with every meal.




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