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Hydracup Is Changing The World – Two Beverages At A Time @Hydracup

Hydracup Changing The World Two Beverages At A Time


The newest double threat to hit the fitness world! The amazing Hydracup is perfect for both your before and after workout drinks. You can use one side to get your pregame energy and the other to help your muscles strengthen after an intense workout. Another option for use is to fill one side with ice to keep the other side cold through your long strenuous workout.




The different flip cap colors make it so it is easier to know what you are drinking and keep from getting mixed up.This cup comes equipped with volume measurements on the side of each cup to help measure your drink to perfection. They hold a total capacity of  28oz,  BPA free, and are top rack dishwasher safe.




This product makes it so you do not have to care two different shakers. You can carry one with both your drinks and if you do not need two different ones then you can fill both sides with the same ingredients.





Hydracup’s mission is to keep your body healthy through both your workout and in everyday life! Their main mission is provide you with positive, fun, motivational vibes through their fitness products. Their products are 100% manufactured, assembled, and designed in the USA. They are dedicated to provide motivation and fun through their fun colors and designs. They can help make your exercise as personable as you are! Hydracup was first created for carrying pre & post workout shakers. But the creators soon realized that it was able to replace all shakers with ease!





I hated having to carry two bottles when I went to go to the gym or for my runs. It was very inconvenient. This bottle changed the way I exercised! It was easier to have everything I needed in one easy to use bottle. I now can put my pre and post workout shakes in one and carry them with ease. No more struggling to remember where I put it or remembering to bring it with me. I absolutely love that I do not have so much to bring with me or so much to remember to grab before I leave the gym to head home. It also motivates me to want to exercise through the fun color and designs.




I would recommend this to anyone who needs or wants an upgrade in their fitness regimen. If you can not stand having to carry double shakers or even wait until your get home to relax your muscles then this is the product for you! It is a convenient and fun solution to your shaker struggles. Once you get one you will want all the designs and colors to add to your fitness collection!




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