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Two Ingredient (or Three) Pancakes – No Pancake Mix Needed

In the kitchen with Sephora - Two Ingredient Pancakes



I love camping but seriously it is nice to just be home on weekends and get some chores done, some cleaning and cleaning out, and to have time to have fun in the kitchen.  When we are on the road camping there is never time to just play around with recipes and allow my daughter to help me in the kitchen.  This is probably the year where she will actually want to start making her own creations.


Today we are in the kitchen making two ingredient pancakes!  I also say they can be three ingredients because my son won’t eat pancakes without chocolate chips in them so this batch actually has chips in them.  We had to add the chips because if he knew what these were made of he never would have eaten them.  I finally told him after he had seconds and thirds!


So here is the big recipe:  1 banana and 2 eggs.  Blend together and cook!

Bananas and eggs


Now there are 9 people in our house so I made a triple batch – three bananas chopped up and 6 eggs.  Then of course I added chocolate chips.


There are some lessons I have learned along the way.  These pancakes are very fragile – think of them like crepes.  You have to cook them on a low heat and be patient.  They are very difficult to flip with chips in them so next time I am going to try to add chips into each pancake halfway through the cooking process.


I did not eat them as pancakes with syrup or anything else – but the few bites I took without anything additional tasted like chocolate chip banana muffins.  Just without flour, baking powder, oil etc…  For the kids they couldn’t get through the need for syrup mindset.  Anthony ate his with syrup and Sephora ate hers with syrup and whip cream.  There was no stopping them!  They kept wanting more and more!


Almost gone


So just when you think you can’t make pancakes because you don’t have pancake mix – think again!

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