Apple Dumplings Made Better With SPLENDA® Blend @Splenda

apple dumplings made better with SPLENDA® Blend



My husband’s birthday was this week and I wanted to make him something different that wasn’t overloaded with calories.  We have both been watching what we are eating and neither of us wanted birthday cake on the heels of Thanksgiving eating.  This is also a great recipe to have my daughter help me with in the kitchen.


First I cored, sliced and peeled three apples – this part was my job.




Then mix 1.25 cups of SPLENDA® Blend with 1.5 teaspoons vanilla, 1.5 teaspoons of cinnamon and 1.5 sticks of melted butter.  Put this mixture aside.


While I was working on the mixture, my daughter was working on wrapping each slice of apple in either croissant dough or pie crust dough.



Wrapping Apple Dumplings



Place the wrapped apples into a greased baking pan – we are using a pyrex dish.


Wrapped in pan


Once they are all in the pan – pour/spread the mixture on top.  Now – make sure you leave plenty of space in between each dumpling because they will balloon up and need plenty of space – I know from experience….LOL.


Drizzle 9 ounces of Sprite or some other lemon/lime soda over the entire pan contents.  I used Sprite Zero.  Bake at 350 for about an hour – until the dough is thoroughly cooked through and the apples are soft.


Apple Dumpling


These are really so delicious!  Enjoy them on a cold winter evening and spend some family time with Apple Dumplings and a nice movie.


SPLENDA® Sugar Blend is a mix of SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener and sugar, so it provides only half the calories and carbohydrate of sugar. But since sugar is blended in, it delivers what you’d normally expect from baking with sugar – it rises, spreads, browns, and helps retain moistness, making it ideal for creating moist cakes and chewy cookies!

Specifically designed for use in baked goods.
Adds sweetness and moistness to baking.
Provides browning and volume to baked goods just like sugar.
Ideal for layer cakes, brownies, and muffins.
SPLENDA® Sugar Blend is available in a two-pound bag that contains the sweetness equivalency of four pounds of sugar.

Just a half-cup of SPLENDA® Sugar Blend replaces a full cup of sugar.  You can find SPLENDA® Sugar Blend at Walmart!


7 thoughts on “Apple Dumplings Made Better With SPLENDA® Blend @Splenda

  1. Kimberly says:

    I’ve baked with Splenda several times and I couldn’t tell the difference between it and real sugar. These apple dumplings look delicious right about now. 🙂

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