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Love My New “The Cool Grandma” Tshirt by #zapbest

The Cool Grandma TShirt

The Cool Grandma TShirt


Made from soft cotton material and complete with a design that will not fade in the wash this shirt is a perfect gift from grandchild to grandma! This product comes with a 30 day no-fade guarantee! If your design starts to fade within the first 30 days of wear you will get a new one to replace the faded one. The sunglasses design for the word “cool” is guaranteed to be a hit. This shirt comes in multiple colors although the price is based off of the plain, traditional white colored shirt.



My son gave this shirt to my mom for an early christmas gift. He was very intrigued by the cool design and fun word pattern.She absolutely loved this shirt! She had the biggest smile ever and it made us very happy to see her so proud to be a grandmother. It was an amazing moment to watch my little boy hand her a present that he himself was very excited for. It absolutely warmed my heart.


Grandson – Grayson



I would recommend this to anyone who is having a hard time finding a gift for that amazing grandmother in your children’s life. It is sure to bring a smile to her face as well as make her feel appreciated and loved. You can not go wrong with this fun and entertaining shirt that is truly special and beyond unique gift!


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