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No Bark Collar


Training a new pet is no easy feat and lets face it, sometimes the old saying “old dogs can’t learn new tricks,” is true. When you are stuck between that rock and a hard place Cujo Control is there to help with their Anti Bark Collar. This collar is noted as, the best no bark collar for small breeds, medium breeds, and even large dogs. This is do to the fact that the collar is fully adjustable. This has a hands free option that many bark collars do not. This means that even when you are not able to be in the vicinity of your furry family member you will not have to worry about any form of a disturbance. The device will simply send a very soft, very safe static charge to the dog when it detects the vibration that is associated with a bark. Meaning it is corrected before it ever has the chance to become a problem.




With seven adjustable control settings for the sensitivity level on the collar you can use it on any size of dog with out ever having to worry about harming them. After all our four legged friends are family like any other member and Cujo Control, knows that. They would never put your child in harms way with their product. To ensure this there is a fail-safe build into ever collar. When the animal barks the collar will emit two warning beeps. When the third beep sounds the shock will be released to train the dog. If the dog continues to bark for seven incidents in a row, rather than continuing to send out shocks to collar will turn off for a full minute to prevent any harm befalling the dog. This is a wonderful and mind easing feature that many collars do not have. It is proven that a barking dog in a home can make many visitors uncomfortable and result in them no longer visiting the home.





Make your home more comfortable for everyone that comes over by helping with a no bark collar for your best friend today. Cujo Control is even taking the guess work out of it by offering a 100% life time guarantee on every collar sold. So go a head and make your order today, giving yourself the gift of a well trained dog this Holiday Season.


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