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BaoBest Products – BaoBites Superfruit Snack

Baobest Baobites Superfruit Snack


Baobab is a fruit from the ancient baobab tree in South Africa.  Baobab is harvested by hand from wild-growing trees.  Baobab is a wild-harvested superfruit naturally bursting with nutrients — fiber, electrolytes and antioxidants more powerful than blueberries, goji berries, acai or pomegranate.  Baobest brings these nutrients together in all of our amazing baobab products such as powder and BaoBites.


Baobab boasts an unparalleled nutritional profile, ranking it among the most nutrient dense fruits on earth and the powder is a raw, whole food.  It is an excellent source of Vitamin C with antioxidants to help fight inflammation. High bioavailability means the antioxidants in baobab are absorbed by your body, maximizing their efficacy, instead of just passing through.  It is 50% fiber (soluble) and high amounts of potassium.  It even has 10x more antioxidants than Acai.




The BaoBites are gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and nutrient dense.  They are available in peach mango, blood orange and pomegranate.  I love that these are so delicious and even the kids love them.  We throw some in our bags for horseback riding and everyone is happy.  Of course I think the horses want them just as much as us – no chance.


This is a much better for you snack than cookies or just about anything and a snack you can feel good about.


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