Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo All-in-One for Pets #dancingpetnatural




The Dancing Pet Best Groomer’s Pet Shampoo is a natural all-in-1 soothing shampoo, conditioner & more.  It is developed with plant based ingredients and as a one step solution to clean, condition, moisturize, detangle, deodorize, shine and recondition coat and skin.  We can use it on our dogs or the horses – it is perfectly fine for any of them.  For that matter if we want to use it on any of the other animals in the barn – it is perfectly fine.





It is even perfect for dry, sensitive skin, allergies, scaly patches or hotspots.  My dogs have very sensitive skin – one has hot patches alot and one has very dry skin.  And in either case this shampoo is helpful.


I do have allergies so often pet formulas can be an issue for me.  But this one smells great and doesn’t bother me at all.  Plus there is nothing toxic, harsh or damaging chemicals.  Plus this means my daughter can help me wash the animals and I don’t have to worry about anything harming her.


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