Culinary Corner 3 Piece Professional Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set

Culinary Corner 3 Piece Professional Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set



This 3 Piece flexible spatula set by Culinary Corner has three handles with removable silicone paddles.  These spatulas are awesome – I never bake without them.  They allow for every for every last drop of batter to be used – nothing is wasted.  When using these I am always able to get one more cookie, one more brownie etc…  They are capable of scraping the bowl dry.




This spatula set has three sizes – small, medium and large.


The small and medium spatula work great with their rounded edges and one edge is squared off enabling me to get into every nook and cranny.  Not only can I reach everything in a round bowl or square bowl but I can reach anything in my blender or food processor also.


white chocolate cranberry cookies


The large spatula is perfect for when I make macaroni and cheese, ground hamburger, scrambled eggs and more.  With the holes on the handles it is very easy for me to hang them on the wall in the kitchen so they are always accessible.  The color is nice attractive light blue with clear plastic handles – they are capable of withstanding up to 450 degrees F and are dishwasher safe.


So it is important to keep these where everyone can reach them – they make cooking so much more simple and easy to manage.  These are my most valuable utensils in the kitchen.  Plus they are something that my kids can use without a problem and enjoy cooking with mom!  You can find this awesome set on their website.


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