Mattifying Gel Protector by Michael Todd #michaeltoddusa

Mattifying Gel Protector by Michael Todd


When seeking that elusive “holy grail” of anti-aging beauty products—the one that actually works—we all hope to find results with an all-natural product. It certainly provides the average consumer with some peace of mind when he or she can actually understand the items listed as ingredients in that new moisturizer or face cream. With Michael Todd, prepare to be quite familiar with the plants and herbs found in each of their skin care formulations. The company happily boasts itself as the skin care company “where science meets nature”. To name just a couple of its admirable values, Michael Todd is dedicated to cruelty-free practices and effective solutions using botanical products.




As a new product in the Michael Todd line, the Mattifying Gel Corrector with SEBULESS™ & Lactic Acid smooths skin as both a moisturizer and an anti-aging makeup primer. Formulated for all skin types, the key components of this soothing gel also promise to reduce inflammation and balance skin’s natural oil production. This translates to a radiant, balanced complexion with the help of Mother Nature’s finest healing flora. Plus, organic aloe vera juice is the first ingredient listed on the back of the pump tube. This is followed by extracts of lilac, cinnamon bark, willow bark, and even snow mushroom. Finally, a way to treat oneself using ingredients that are just too familiar to be suspicious or harmful.




The SEBULESS™ aspect of the gel is a specially developed ingredient which evens skin tone and regulates oil production. Used in conjuction with lilac extract, skin should respond by appearing brighter and tighter. Those with acne-prone skin should even appear less shiny after repeated use of the Mattifying Gel Corrector with SEBULESS™. Then, there are the remarkable anti-aging benefits to be gleaned from organic materials like mushrooms and cinnamon. Mushrooms alone are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that may reverse the appearance of fine lines and sun spots. Then, many of the gel’s natural extracts possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


To be frank, pure ingredients seem like a no-brainer, particularly when it comes to what is applied areas like the face and neck.  After years of trying numerous creams with various price tags and trendy ingredients, Michael Todd is a cosmetic specialist that allows consumers to get back to the nourishing basics of the plant world. The Mattifying Gel Corrector prepares skin for makeup application and infuses it with healthful hydration. Fortify for a fresh face with Michael Todd Mattifying Gel Corrector, and watch skin rebound with the help of Nature’s finest remedies.


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