Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy #EssentiaOiDiffusefoAromatherapy



My daughter loves to sleep with a humidifier at night.  Some days that is perfectly acceptable but not always.  An awesome solution for her is this Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy.




This diffuser is a very low misting diffuser and perfect for her nightstand or my desk at work.  It takes up minimal space and allows my daughter to feel like she is having a spa-like experience.




There is also the option to use this diffuser as a light – with or without diffusing.  There are 7 color changing lamps that can even be fixed to one color.




When my daughter falls asleep and forgets to shut this off – it isn’t a problem at all because there is an auto shut off feature for when the water runs low.


This is a really cute diffuser that gets the job done.  Plus essential oils can be added to it to increase my daughter’s spa like experience.


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