Velosight™ Reflective Bicycle and Helmet Decals #velosight

Velosight™ Reflective Bicycle and Helmet Decals



Velosight™ decals are highly customizable reflective decals made for your bicycle and helmet.  There are many designs to choose from in order to make the experience as personal as possible.




The decals are engineer grade reflective material to create a variety of different styles in 11 different colors that will match your style and increase your visibility in low light conditions.




My kids love these decals.  They have no only put them on their bike helmet but also on their horseback riding helmet.  They don’t get a great deal of reflection on the horseback riding helmets but they loved them as decals anyway.  The bike helmet decals are very reflective and bright.  Safety is a huge consideration and beginning in May we start camping and riding bikes through the campground after dark can be a scary experience – reflective accessories are a must!


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