Quattro Soccer Balls #QuattroSoccerBalls

Quattro Soccer Balls


I grew up playing soccer – yup, soccer and softball were my favorite activities.  I also played basketball but that was more of a “gotta do something with my time” type of activity.


Soccer however, was awesome – I didn’t start playing until I was in high school but then I played it all the time.  Interestingly I played either goalie or center forward.  Those are very different positions and I preferred center forward – but I was also very good at being a goalie and no one else seemed to be crazy enough to get in the goal…So by default I was goalie.


Three of our children also played soccer at very young ages but they never really fell in love with the sport.  Our youngest two children however love playing around with soccer balls and love the tricks I teach them.  Until now, they didn’t really have their own soccer balls though and Quattro balls are perfect for them.


They are high quality hand stitched soccer balls. Quattro has a full line of balls from lower end balls all the way up to match quality balls. Their soccer balls are high quality soccer balls at very reasonable prices with similar quality soccer balls selling for more than 2 or 3 times the price.




I absolutely love to juggle soccer balls – I no longer play on a team but juggling has always been a love of mine.  I could spend hours juggling soccer balls in the front yard – I am not great but it is great exercise and loads of fun.   When these balls arrive they are not filled with air – simply fill them and begin to play.  They are well constructed and hold up to lots of use.


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