Xtreme Security Leash w/ Short Lead Option #XtremePetSupplies

Xtreme Security Leash w Short Lead Option


I have two giant breed dogs – English Mastiff and Newfoundland.  The English Mastiff could almost get by with no leash whatsoever – she sticks to me like glue.  The Newfoundland definitely needs a leash and a strong one!




This is a two piece lead.  I had never seen anything like it before but it makes perfect sense.  The hardware is steel 1 inch with a tighter elastic section for great control.




The security leash is 43 inches long with the option to use just a shorter 15 inch section.  The handle is also designed to be comfortable no matter how strong or what size dog.




This leash is available in many different colors.  The full leash is perfect for my strong (and head strong) Newfoundland while I use the shorter leash for my English Mastiff.  She stays by my side anyway and is as tall as my hip – but I keep a short leash on her just in case something spooks her – I don’t want her to leap into traffic.


Xena is happy, happy, happy… Eager to go for her walk.


Happy Happy Happy


I highly recommend this leash – it is perfect for any need.


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