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Nutrisystem and Good for My Relationships


Nutrisystem has definitely had a positive impact on my life in the last 8 weeks.  I did not have additional weight loss this week but there is a really good reason – I spent most of this week teaching the kids how to make positive changes in their lives.  We have had some major changes during this week and the kids have been eager to be a part of it.  For me though that meant I was less reliant on Nutrisystem this week and more in a teaching mode for my children.  I am not thrilled that I didn’t lose weight but I got them off to a really good start so we can continue on our journey together.  For the next four weeks I am focusing on Nutrisystem but they are now understanding that things are changing in the house all over.


I am actually trying to build meals similar to what I am eating on Nutrisystem and they are actually eager to try these meals.  Nutrisystem has been far more than a bonus for me – it has been life changing for my family.  Even though I am the only one on Nutrisystem – everyone else is making positive changes.  They have never been interested in anything like this before but right now – they are not only interested but eager.  It is a win win.


My husband is also jumping in to help introduce the kids to healthier options so it is a family event/life change.


So again – this was not a weight loss week for me but I still consider it a win – a really huge win!  And another relationship builder – we are doing more fitness like things together.  That is partially attributable to warmer weather and partially because we are more focused on our health and wellness.


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