IntelliSMART 5A 4-Port USB Wall and Travel Charger #intelliarmor

IntelliSMART 5A 4-Port USB WallTravel Charger


IntelliSMART 5A 4-Port USB Wall and Travel Charger


This is a really nice compact charger but it is powerful so don’t let its size fool you.  
The intelliARMOR 4-port USB charger has an innovative design and state of the art technology that provides fast, convenient charging while ensuring safe, high quality results.




We can easily charge our iphones, ipads, tablets, speakers and more without needing multiple chargers throughout the house.  We created a charging station with this charger and we can charge up to four devices at once.  It is thin and lightweight with maximum charging speeds.  I no longer need to listen to the kids freak that their devices aren’t charging quickly enough.  Everyone gets one speed – FAST!



This charger accurately determines the needs of each device and proceeds accordingly.  It is the perfect size for portability – when we have four charging cables attached – I call it our spider and we don’t go anywhere without our spider.  It is a term that everyone totally understands and our spider is critically important!


You can pick one up for yourself on Amazon and never be left uncharged.  Right now you also have access to this great 20% off code SmartPwr.


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