Rock Tape Kinesiology Tape #rocktape

Rock Tape Kinesiology Tape

Rock Tape has this terrific kinesiology tape.  This is a 2″ roll of RockTape™ – 16.5 feet long.


This tape is by and it is specifically designed for therapeutic benefits and to enhance athletic performance.  It is an Athletic Tape Roll which is perfect for high performance athletes and persons competing in extreme sports.

I don’t participate in extreme sports but I do need some additional support on my ankle and my chiropractor suggested kinesiology tape.  It has definitely helped!    It is even capable of meeting the demands of endurance athletes such as runners, swimmers and cyclists.



I also have many allergies and even struggle with some bandage strips and the adhesive on them.  But the adhesive works great and allows the tape to remain in place on my ankle all day long.  I can go to work, manage the animals at home (and kids) then help with the horses at the barn.  I still have full range of motion while wearing it and it has plenty of stretch so I have all my natural range of motion.  I can even wear it swimming – which will be awesome in the next couple months!  You can find this RockTape at ProMedical!


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