EZ Smart Shelf Wireless Charging – Perfect for Tiny Bedrooms or Tiny Homes

Wireless Phone Charging Bed Shelf


Lately I have been getting very frustrated with the size of our bedroom.  There is barely enough room for our bed and the dressers.  I have no room for any type of bedside table or anything.  I use my phone as an alarm clock, white noise machine etc… But I need to plug it in on the complete other side of the room near the door – which means when that alarm goes off I am dashing across the room so no one else wakes up!


Additionally, we camp seasonally in an RV and that master bedroom has even less room!  I have to leave my phone on the floor when it is charging – along with everything else that is on the floor due to lack of space – so what am I supposed to do?




I just found this awesome kickstarter campaign for the EZ Smart Shelf – Wireless Charging.  The concept is perfect for us – it is a shelf that is self supporting by sliding partially under the mattress.  The shelf is a wireless charging station, a light, and a cup holder!  I can also put my remote on it, headphones or whatever else I need.  Definitely gotta get me one of these!


How about you?  I am sure you must have a need for this space saving shelf.  The entire population of tiny home owners – definitely needs this!

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