PindropMusic: Right Music for Every Moment #PindropMusicApp



Pindrop Music is a new and unique music app – not your typical app.

When you download the app there is a mini tutorial – you have the option of signing up with an email address or Facebook.




Then the app determines your location and it asks you to identify your mood (5 moods to choose from) and identify what you are doing – 6 tasks to choose from.




Then you get to give and get music – you can give your music to persons nearby by dropping a pin or you can “get” music.  Suggestions are based on your identified mood and location.

A Location and Context based Music discovery app.

PindropMusic is a Context based Music Discovery app where music is curated by the crowd nearby the user’s location.  The kids and I are having some fun with this app.  Since we travel alot – the suggestions are interesting everywhere we go.  The app is available on iTunes.

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