Spring Has Sprung – Are You Ready? So much to do…

Spring Has Sprung


Spring has officially Sprung!  Are you ready for the outdoor, busy seasons in your future?  For us Spring and Summer mean tons of activity.  First – it means camping season begins soon.  Inevitably we are never ready for it – we can’t wait to go, but we still have so much to do at home after being cooped up all Winter.


This year Spring (and Summer) mean so much more.  It means equestrian competitions ALOT rather than just the occasional Winter show.  Somehow we need to make camping possible around traveling to shows.  For the shows we need costumes, the horses, tack and more to make it all happen.  But then my husband also performs wedding ceremonies – that also needs to happen around camping.  Looks like camping will be minimal this year again – as the kids get older, camping becomes more difficult.  For the weddings it is always a huge hit to have Wedding Day Sparklers on hand – everyone loves them and it makes for a memorable day.

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