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Travel Wrap by Secret Sweater

Travel Wrap by Secrety Sweater



My office is constantly either hot or cold.  There really isn’t an in between.  In the summer I need a thick sweater and in the winter I need a tank top.  There is nothing comfortable about the way energy is distributed in the office.  The room next to me is always on the other end of the spectrum.


So the best I can do is bring sweaters and warm clothing to add layers when necessary.  Sometimes I just need a thin wrap and this Travel Wrap by Secret Sweater is perfect.


Travel Wrap


This wrap is one size fits all and only weighs about a pound – very lightweight and takes up minimal space.  It is black which goes with just about everything.  The fabric is a nice lightweight knit that still adds enough warmth when needed.  I am thrilled that it can be machine washed and laid flat to dry.  I would never have time to get to the dry cleaners!  It is also manufactured in the US – in California.


Secret Sweater has made the perfect wrap for me to wear to work, while traveling on an airline, trips to cooler temperatures etc…


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