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Quadrillion Game – A Game of Logic and Strategy

Quadrillion A Game of Logic


Quadrillion Game


This multi award-winning 3D puzzle game starts out easy by clicking the four magnetic grids together in any order. Place the 12 colored game pieces on the board you just created – except not on the black and the white spots. It looks so easy, but it’s not! Ideal for everyone in the family — kids, teens, young adults and beyond!




The Quadrillion game includes 4 magnetic grids to create game board, 12 big colorful puzzle pieces and a challenge booklet. Smart extends beyond brain-boosting board games with physics-inducing construction toys, featuring colorful, magnetic building pieces. SmartMax suggests two best sellers – Start Plus, $44.99 and Mega Ball Run, $119.99. As youngsters build with magnets, they quickly comprehend the basic laws of physics, develop fine motor skills plus discover magnetic poles that attract or repel.




This game is so much fun for all generations – and there are four in our house who have been enjoying the game.




We absolutely love this game.  In the photos you can see my daughter hanging out on the deck playing it but I love playing it just as much.  The game is designed for ages 7 and up.  To my surprise our 15 year old autistic son loves this game.  Generally, he gets frustrated with games that require thought, logic, strategy.  He plays one game then he never plays them again.




At the moment he is in the hospital and I brought this game to play on one of our visits.  He fell in love with it.  We played it over and over, taking turns, for more than an hour.  My plan was to take it back home but he asked if he could keep it there to play when I am not visiting.  This was such a huge request for him – he clearly loves it.




We close our eyes and wiggle the four magnetic tiles around and flip them over and over with our eyes closed.  Where they land is how we play the board.  The game is different every single time.  He gets discharged from the hospital today but everyone there, including staff, fell in love with this game and they find it very therapeutic for the kids.  So we will be leaving the game there at the hospital for other kids to work with.  Guess I need to buy another one…  It is available on Amazon…  Clearly it is a game we need to keep on hand though.


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