We Are Drinking More Water With Our NewAir WAT30B Water Dispenser (Review) #newair

We Are Drinking More Water With Our NewAir Water Dispenser


I went five years without drinking soda – not one drop!  And noticed that I almost never had muscle cramps anymore; never had symptoms of dehydration; and felt great.  As an added bonus I lost alot of weight.  But then one day I decided to have a soda – just one… Then another day I figured why not have another… Soon I was almost back to my old habits of drinking only soda all day long.


NewAir Pure Spring WAT30B


The NewAir WAT30B is an incredible water cooler and the answer to all our needs.  Since receiving this, everyone in our house has immediately switched to almost all water based drinks.  Sometimes we drink water alone and sometimes with flavorings – all kinds.


When you purchase this water cooler you have the option of getting your own bottle that you can easily fill from the tap.  However, I have special needs children and have done a great deal of research on “water” and I purchase bottled water.  The reason?… I have city water – if I had well water I would use our own.  But our city water has so many things added to it that I do not want such as flouride.  I fight the dentist on that every time I take the kids in – they keep trying to add flouride into their daily routines.  So – I buy bottled water.  You can do whichever you would like.


Hot Warm Cold NewAir


This water cooler has not just hot and cold – but also warm… The hot button has a child proof toggle that stops a child from accidentally getting burned.  My kids are old enough that they know better but accidents have a way of proving people wrong – that is why they are called accidents.  So I am more than happy to have that switch and avoid anything that I may not be foreseeing.  The water is heated and cooled in a stainless steel tank using an energy-efficient compressor. It dispenses cold water at 39°F and hot water at 185°F. There’s also a third option that allows you dispense water at room temperature.  The cold water tank (reservoir) holds .8 gallons and the hot water tank (reservoir) holds .26 gallons.


On and Off Switches


In addition there are on/off switches.  Whenever you are changing out a bottle the switches should be set to off during that process.  Once the new bottle has been placed on the machine – the switches can be turned back on.


Water Bottle Spike


The top of the machine houses the water bottle.  In my image above you can see I have a 5 gallon water bottle but this houses any size.  When you have a water bottle – the top needs to be perforated.  This spike does that job easily and well.  There is no mess when loading a bottle on top – simply flip it over and mount it on the spike.  At that point the water will slowly flow into the reservoir.  This spike allows for easy loading and prevents spills.


This is what the bottle looks like after perforating.


bottle after perforating the top


There are three water delivery spouts – hot/warm/cold


Three Water Delivery Spouts


If you have anyone in your house like my kids – this next feature is worth its weight in gold.  The drip catch – absolutely essential otherwise I would have water all over the floor every time the kids want a drink.


Drip Catch


This NewAir model even has a mini fridge in the bottom!  How crazy awesome is that?!


Mini Fridge in the Bottom of the Cooler


Handles on the left and right hand side make it incredibly easy to move this water cooler from one location to another.


Carrying handles


You really can’t beat this amazing NewAir WAT30B Water Cooler.  It is 100% BPA Free ensuring pure, safe and healthy water and is Energy Star & UL Tested and Approved.  The stainless steel water tank provides clean drinking water anytime we want it.


Prior to this water cooler we were living off 20 ounce bottles of water.  Far too much plastic was coming in and out of this house.  It was literally driving me crazy.  It was costing a fortune and it was far too much plastic.  I needed another solution.  Although you can use this cooler for free with their water bottle (WAT10) and fill it with your tap water – I choose to purchase water.  I can get it for as low as $.38 per gallon.  That is wicked cheap and I have no plastic to worry about.


And you know what else?  This model is not the only model they have – check out all the NewAir Water Coolers… You may also find them on Facebook.




NewAir is also hosting a GIVEAWAY that is “live” through May 15th.  Enter with a simple form submission HERE.


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