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Premium Mesh Lingerie Bags for Laundry #laundrybags

Premium Mesh Lingerie Bags for Laundry


I am going to set the scene for you. It is a nice day outside, you have the day off and it is time to do house work. Yes, none of us really enjoy it but it is a must so you do it. You have decided to start with laundry. Like always you throw in a load containing, socks, baby clothes, and an assortment of other things then go about the rest of your day.




You, of course, change the wash over to the dryer at some point and it later becomes time to fold it. Now this is where the all to often problem occurs. You only have one sock for several pairs and your favorite newborn outfit is now missing. The laundry monster has struck again! This is an all too often battle that a lot of us face but rarely win.




But don’t you worry the Calvary has finally arrived with the help of these Premium Mesh Lingerie Bags!  You never have to worry about lost socks, damaged lingerie, or tattered stuffed animals again. The process is very simple. You choose the proper size bag for your current needs, they come in a set of four bags: large, large, medium, small and a bra bag. Next you fill your bag with anything from socks and pantyhose, to baby clothes and stuffed toys. Then throw your now filled bags into the washer, add your soaps like normal and walk away.




That is it! The only thing you will have to worry about next is changing the bags over to the dryer. That is right; these lingerie bags are washer and dryer safe unlike some other washer bags and baskets.
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