Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads + Kids #cooperandkid

Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads + Kids


Father’s Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with a gift for dad to share with the kids – a Cooper Kit Subscription Box!





This kit is unlike any other.  This is designed specifically for a dad, granddad, stepdad or any male adult role model to be used with younger kids.  They will enjoy the time spent together on this kit – it is the ultimate quality time.

The Cooper Kit is an award-winning quarterly subscription box that provides men with a no-brainer, entertaining way to wow and bond with their kids.   The kit is delivered every three months and it is a box that is artfully filled with themed projects that both dads and kids find cool.

Cooper Kits are huge and packed full with building and creativity activities, a bed-time storybook, dinner recipes, a character building discussion topic, lots of humor and more. Even the box turns into a toy!  There is so much fun in one single box  and there is so much excitement between dad and daughter when opening our box.  Their box is all about super secret spy “stuff”.  You see some of the items in their hands but there is so much more – all in one box!

Retire the tired necktie. Give an inspired gift that shows how much you appreciate and support him as a dad. That’s the Cooper Kit.


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