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Princess Dutchie Pet Stain and Odor Remover #PrincessDutchie

Princess Dutchie Pet Stain and Odor Remover



Well if you have a pet (dog, cat, whatever) then you inevitably have to deal with a stain or odor at some point.  This gorgeous girl is no different.  She is six years old now so “accidents” are quite rare – but if they do happen we really need to deal with the stain and odor.  But, I really needed this product in the last few weeks for our dog that just passed away.  She was a mere six years old and never got a really good shot at life.  Her last six months meant quite a few accidents – not her fault but we still needed to clean it as best we could.  Plus since she was so sick we definitely wanted to use a product that was all natural but effective.


Princess Dutchie is natural pet stain and odor remover that is highly effective.  It is exactly what we were looking for.  It was created after the owner spent hundreds of dollars buying other products that never quite worked.  She spent a year developing this product and she really hit the mark.




This stain and odor remover also smells decent.  I have tried other products over the last year that were almost unbearable to smell – it is horrible trying to cover up one smell with something that smells even worse.


Princess Dutchie doesn’t cover up the odor – it works deep into the carpet or fabric to encapsulate the odors and removes them once dried.  It is enzyme based and neutralizes the odors.  It can be used on carpets and hardwood floors.  They work best when the spot is still wet.  Soak up the mess with a paper towel or a colorfast cloth by applying pressure and repeating until the wetness is soaked up. Then spray Princess Dutchie Pet Stain and Odor Remover, being sure to saturate the area.  The area should be wet enough to soak down into the carpet pad but not sopping wet.  Apply firm pressure to the saturated area to aid the formula with reaching the pad. Let the carpet or fabric (if using on furniture) air dry.  Odors will be eliminated after the area is completely dry.


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