Protein Shaker and Mixer by Twistmazing #proteinshaker

Twistmazing Protein Shaker and Mixer


Twistmazing has developed a Tornado Shaker.  This thing is amazing.  I no longer need to use a shaker bottle with myself shaking my protein shakes.  With the simple press of a button I now have the smoothest protein shakes without any lumps.  Those lumps are a thing of the past – I can drink my shake as quickly or as slowly as I’d like and not worry about the clumps surprising me mid swallow.




I find with this new Twistmazing Shaker and Mixer that I am drinking my protein shakes more frequently and they are delicious.  I also was never willing to drink a shake with water as a mix in – it was always milk.  But whipping up my protein shakes in this makes them nice and thick even with just water.  That eliminates a whole bunch of calories.

This shaker and mixer works with 4 AA batteries and works very quickly.  It can be used with protein shakes, pre and post workout drinks, gainers, creatine for fitness persons and more.  Even simple flavored milk works great.  Supplements can be added in as well as things like chia seeds, matcha, mega-nutrition, organic superfood etc…




The lid is leakproof so I can travel with my shake and not worry about it getting all over the place.  It has a lock-active button and a slip resistant bottom.




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