Dog Whistle and Training Clicker by Good4Pet #Good4Pet

Dog Whistle and Training Clicker by Good4Pet


Dog Whistles and Clickers are excellent ways to work on obedience training with your dog.  We have used them with our dog with great success.  Our Newfoundland is an absolutely awesome dog – but she is uncharacteristically loud and hyper – more like a Springer Spaniel.




We have been using the Good4Pet dog whistle to train her to stop barking.  We have been working on it for a while.  Though we don’t have 100% compliance we are very happy with the result.  I can now hang out on the 2nd floor deck and relax with her.  Before she would run back and forth, barking like crazy at every little noise or every time the wind blew.  Now she just hangs out with me like my best friend should.




The obedience isn’t even just about the elimination of an annoyance.  This is a 2nd floor deck.  If she is running around like crazy then she could potentially fall and get hurt.  The clicker also helps to immediately grab her attention and refocus her properly on us.  She is completely changed – for the better and we feel she is so much safer with these more appropriate behaviors.


This Good4Pet Dog Whistle is made of stainless steel and produces a wide frequency range of 8000-15000 Hz (the exact range of frequencies your dog hears & responds to).  It even comes with a nice lanyard so it doesn’t get lost or misplaced.


This set even comes with 3 FREE EBOOKS that teach how to stop dog barking and Dog Training Tricks!


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