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ViewTV Flat HD Digital Indoor TV Antenna #tvantenna

ViewTV Flat HD Digital Indoor TV Antenna


We have a really tall house.  Technically it is three stories tall but due to the slope it is built on – the back side of the house is actually 4 stories with a walkout basement.  Our daughter’s room is on the back side of the house and the router is on the front side – the two never connect so her smart tv is pretty useless.  She also doesn’t have a cable connection in her room.  That is two strikes.




The solution is a TV Antenna and this ViewTV HD Digital Indoor Antenna is the perfect solution.  Her bedroom is the 2nd (3rd) floor and we are plenty high for this antenna to work as intended.  It is recommended that it be placed high on the window – and we do that but I am pretty sure I could easily place it in the bottom of the window for similar results.


I just needed to input my address (or just zip code) HERE and then I get a list of possible channels I may be able to receive.  For us it isn’t too many but far more than she gets without any assistance.  We get ion Television and PBS.  I simply plugged in, placed it on the window and did an automatic channel scan.  If you find you are not getting any channels, reposition and scan again.  You also need to make sure your TV is set to HD Tuner.


The process is easy as can be; the TV Antenna is slim and small (others are 2-3 times this size) and the cord is plenty long enough to reach the back of the TV.


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