So You Want To… Write an eBook! #PiggyBackPublishing

So You Want To... Write an eBook! PiggyBack Publishing Profits by Amy Harrop


I have been wanting to write an eBook for a very long time.  Actually, I had already decided I was going to write a series… The problem is I really don’t have a lot of time.  Between special needs kids, work, evening meetings, evening appointments, blogging, reviewing and the barn (horseback riding) every available open night – how can I even focus!


What I do know is that I have been blogging for years and 7 days per week it is being done at late night hours while everyone else is sleeping.  It is a project I am completely committed to and intend to do it for years to come.  I also have several other heavy duty projects I am involved in.  So what I do know is – once I set my mind to doing something – yeah, it gets done.  Perhaps not as quickly as I’d like, because of course I want everything done YESTERDAY!  But it gets done, and done well eventually.


I actually already even have a concept – I just needed a little more direction and validation.  I received that direction and validation from Piggyback Publishing Profits by Amy Harrop!


Blank box. Ready to use in your designs

I already planned to write what I call condensed books but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it.  I actually did write and publish a book once – it was a book about couponing and was really good if I do say so myself.  However, the world of couponing changes so rapidly and greatly that within 6 months so much of the content was outdated.  I could have updated it but never did.


Amy’s book teaches writers to create great, sellable content quickly and easily.  It is a complete roadmap.  Some of what she says really validated what I was already thinking.  So much more of it though really helped me broaden my scope along with my hopes and dreams.  What I thought was a narrow field to work with is now almost limitless.  The only real limitation is that I need more than 24 hours per day to get everything I want to get done, done…


Piggyback Publishing Profits walks the reader/writer through the exact process needed to be a successful writer/publisher and to even create a sellable book in as little as a few hours.  I would love to seriously write a book a week – but given all my other commitments it is more likely that I write two books a month and that is totally doable.  The books you create have concepts similar to Cliff Notes, Summary books etc… Condensed, boiled down versions of successful books.  You are basically piggybacking on the success of others.


This awesome resource is NOT hundreds of dollars.  There is so much packed in this eBook and everything you need, seriously!  I started my first book after reading the first couple pages and expect to finish it and get it published by the end of next week.


So for a mere $27 and a 30 day money back guarantee – what are you waiting for?  Become your own boss; be in charge of your own destiny and take the first step by purchasing PiggyBack Publishing by Amy Harrop!


So You Want To... Write an eBook! PiggyBack Publishing Profits by Amy Harrop




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