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Pure Forskolin Extract 40% Standardized #NeuralLife

Pure Forskolin Extract 40% Standardized #NeuralLife


One bottle of this Pure Forskolin Extract by NeuralLife Naturals contains 90 veggie capsules (90 day supply – 1 a day).  This supplement has 300mg standardized at 40% giving a 120mg dose of the coleus forskohlii root extract. It is more than double the strength of most forskolin supplements.


What is it for?  It is an appetite suppressant and fat burner supplement with additional benefits that help increase energy and boost metabolism.


Working in an urban public school district is exhausting – constant meetings, traveling from school to school etc… When I get out of work – it is straight to the barn, then home to feed the kids, dishes, laundry etc… Once they go to bed – blog blog blog. Unfortunately, fast food plans can easily fit into this hectic schedule.


I started taking some of these Pure Forskolin supplements daily while making an effort to cut down on fast food.  The weight started to slowly but steadily fall off.  The forskohlii root helps to target stored fat and break it down without any side effects.


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