How To Protect Your Family From the Zika Virus #AtoZika #ad

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How To Protect Your Family From the Zika Virus #AtoZika #ad


There has been so much information and often misinformation that has been circulated regarding the Zika Virus.  But the basic facts are that the virus is spread to people who are bitten by infected by yellow fever mosquitos (Aedes mosquitos) and the virus can be spread anywhere they live.


How To Protect Your Family From the Zika Virus #AtoZika #ad


Put Up Personal Barriers

Covering up is essential.  All you need to do is wear lightweight clothing with long sleeves and long pants.  For example when my daughter goes horseback riding – she wears a summer weight long pair of pants (breeches) to keep herself covered.  There is even some clothing options available that are treated with pesticides.


Reinforce Your Home

We make sure our doors, screens and window screens are closed at all times.  It is helpful that we have air conditioning and don’t feel the need to open the windows for fresh air.


Apply Mosquito-Specific Defenses

The CDC recommends EPA approved repellents be used according to label instructions.  This will not only protect against the Zika virus but also West Nile viruses.  Make sure you follow the safe use of pesticides by checking the EPA registered pesticides or products.


Eliminate Standing Water

Watch for those pools of water in uneven spots in the ground, buckets lying around, toys, tire swings, bird baths, rain gutters, pools and more.  These are perfect breeding grounds and should be eliminated as much as possible.

There are four stages in the life cycle of a mosquito:  1) Egg hatches when it is exposed to water 2) Larva is a small “wriggler” that lives in water 3) Pupa is larger than larva and still in the water but it doesn’t feed 4) Adult leaves the water and is able to fly shortly after.  A mosquito typically lives up to 2 weeks but can live as long as one month.


How To Protect Your Family From the Zika Virus #AtoZika #ad


RISE (Responsible Industry for Sound Environment) works to educate people on the responsible use of pest control products such as personal repellents and pesticides used on lawns and gardens, playing fields and parks, and inside homes and other structures, as well as mosquito control.


They also created, a resource hub designed to answer common questions about repellents and pesticides and to serve as a place to ask questions and learn more about controlling common pests in your yard and community.


How To Protect Your Family From the Zika Virus #AtoZika #ad


The Zika virus is only spread through:  mosquito bites, mother to child, sexual contact or blood transfusion.


As you can see it is possible to still enjoy summer and have a great time – just pay attention to these tips and plan accordingly.




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