How We Have Fun Via The Voice Of Play and Eight #PlayfulTrends

Playful Trends Back To Nature


With everyone under so much stress in their daily lives – experts at IPEMA and the Voice of Play check out the hottest trends and found eight that are perfect for playtime for all members of the family to have fun together.




1.   An Hour of Play Each Day

Playtime is crucial for a child’s development and education.  Playtime seems to have gotten a bit lost over the last couple decades and it has become increasingly important to make sure there is play every single day.


2.  Made to Move

Walking, biking etc… At work (public school system) we do all we can to encourage biking to work or biking to school.  We have walking clubs for kids and employees and so many ways to add movement to our day.




3.  Beyond Childhood

Grownups can play too. I have children aged 11 through 29 and refuse to let play not be a part of our day.  They sometimes think I am being quite silly but getting fit through play is a whole lot better than jogging on a treadmill… I am always excited to jump rope with my kids, hula hoop, play basketball, ride bikes and more.


4.  It’s Better Outside

Just about anything I can do inside – is ten times better outside.  I remember when I was in elementary school and the rare treat we had when we were allowed to hold class outside.  The same premise still holds true.  I can dance inside, but I can enjoy it so much more outside!




5.  Back to Nature

We now own a horse and are always at the barn with our barn friends.  There are so many animals there – including a herd of horses.  But we also camp, hike, cliff walk, bike, swim and more.  Anything in nature makes us very happy!


6.  All Inclusive

I have two children still at home with various special needs.  We need to do things that are able to be completed with respect for their needs.  Fortunately there are still many options.


Sephora and Toni


7.  Taking Chances

Well riding horses is all about taking chances.  Lots of risk but huge benefits and rewards.


8.  Mind Expanding

STEM and STEAM has taken over in education as a way to expand basic education to incorporate greater skills.  It is more hands on and enjoyable.




So next time you are looking for something to do with your kids to have great fun – keep these eight tips in mind and you will have a world of options.


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