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Guest Post by Sam from CurryChick!



Guest Post by Sam from the blog – CurryChick


So one of the things that I planned to start in 2016 was my own blog. I tossed with ideas and my busy brain is overflowing. So Sam is my abbreviated full name SAMANTHRA ….growing up I often taught my mum could not spell Samantha and I found myself constantly having to explain the letter R in my name. Older and wiser I love the addition of the R as I now understand the full meaning of mantra and realise that’s where the symbolism of my name lies.


Having migrated to Australia about 15 years ago, my birth country being South Africa, my heritage and culture lies in no other than the beautiful and mystical India and now residing permanently and in Australia. In a nutshell a South African Indian living in Australia. I love everything Indian, African and Australian and the mix of it all has shaped me somewhat.




I am definitely “Made in Africa” with Africa very close to my heart. In addition I consider myself very Indian and love everything about my culture and I have tried to integrate this into our lives as much as I can. I visited India a few years ago (you can read about Incredible India in my blog), and it was truly invigorating to discover my descent. I felt right at home there. I have always been proud of my Indian heritage and born in South Africa and then moving to Australia has certainly allowed me to evolve somewhat. Now, here in Australia we have embraced this beautiful country and I am so grateful to live here. So I guess I have to say I connect with all 3 cultures pretty well.


In my blog I have set out to journal things about past, present and future. I believe that it is essential to Dance while you Can and as such I have written blogs about living life to the fullest. I am also fortunate as I have met many incredible, interesting people via my blog.


I blog since it’s a platform I can use to teach others, learn from others and showcase the work of some absolutely incredible people out there. In a nutshell, it’s a podium for me to show “what was, what is and what will be in my life.” Read more at



So, let’s all take a moment and head on over to CurryChick and show some love!

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