Hurley Hippo & Friends Kids Toothbrush Holder Set #Cheraboo

Hurley Hippo & Friends Kids Toothbrush Holder Set


Do you struggle to get your children to brush their teeth?  I think all children go through that stage at some point.  There are a million things you can try to get them through it but for me I need to make their brushing environment more fun.  I achieve this with the Hurley Hippo & Friends Kids Toothbrush Holder Set.




These four adorable animal toothbrush holders are suitable for children of all ages.  My children are older but they enjoy them just as much as they would have at a younger age.  And of course my daughter can’t have her brush near her brothers because boys have cooties – so now they both have their own space and holder.




The set includes a hippo, frog, fish and monkey.  The mouths of these little animals can accommodate a child sized toothbrush or even and adult sized toothbrush.  They are quite flexible.




I am happy because the toothbrushes are less likely to be exposed to bacteria and their brushes are much healthier.  The suction cups remain strong on the surface so the brushes do not fall out – they stay right where they are supposed to stay.  Now the kids are excited about brushing their teeth and the biggest issue I have is the argument over who is going to brush their teeth first.




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