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How Do We Unplug? With Killerspin! Let’s All #UnplugNPlay

We Unplug With Killerspin


We are very much like many families these days – kids spend far too much time on their iphones, ipads, computers etc…  In our home that seems to be amplified because as a blogger I am connected far more than most parents.  I try to do as much as possible after the kids are in bed so they don’t get to say – well you do it!  But sometimes that doesn’t quite work.


UnplugNPlay With Killerspin


I am constantly looking for ways to keep my kids unplugged that also build some skills in the process.  My son has special needs so anything with hand/eye coordination and strategy works best.  We do our best to UnplugNPlay!  What does that mean?  It means basically getting the kids up and moving.  But not just the kids – my husband and I too!  In addition to blogging, I also work a full time job that is very demanding so I really need to work on the Play part of UnplugNPlay because I just can’t work 18 hours per day everyday.  Not only is it not healthy – it is not setting a responsible example.


Learning to Play


Killerspin makes the best table tennis tables, paddles, balls and more.  Their goal is to:  Help U create memories with those U care about through highly designed table tennis experiences – #UnPlugNPlay.


Killerspin Paddles and Balls


We have the MyTLee Mini table – it is a portable table tennis mini table.  This table is 2 1/2 feet by 5 feet and we can use it anywhere.  The photos are in our driveway but we can play it in the front yard, back yard, take it to the campground or even in the house – who knows I may even bring it to work!


Learning to play table tennis



This is a very solid table – I was very amazed at its weight.  It is sturdy and easy to set up – the legs pop right open.  The net is able to be stored within the folded up table.  Once the table is open – I just need to screw the net pegs in, then place the net on them.


Killerspin Table


Branding elements from Killerspin and Bruce Lee symbolize the link between table tennis and martial arts and the partnership between Killerspin and Bruce Lee Enterprises. There are also other table designs to choose from to best meet your needs.


Jet600 and Jet800 Paddles


We have the Jet600 and Jet800 paddles by Killerspin.  The Jet600 paddles are for the serious recreational player and true competitor.  It has a high end blade for powerful all around play and ITTF approved rubbers that add extra power and spin for the perfect balance of speed, spin and control.  It has five layers of wood to help add to the control and quality.  The Jet800 paddles are for some serious and powerful shots.  This paddle is al about power!  It has a burnt wood handle for the perfect grip, with a carbon inside and side tape to protect and preserve.  There are also many different paddles available.


The Killerspin 4 star balls are a high end design and for perfect performance.  They can be purchased in a 3 pack, 72 pack or 144 pack.  You can also download a free UnplugNPlay and kit now…They also have 1 star balls, 2 star balls and oversized balls!


Nonstop Play


Lastly they have plenty of accessories and gifts at Killerspin to help you UnplugNPlay.


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