Regenerix NOW: Fast Acting Joint Relief Supplement #regenerix

Regenerix NOW Fast Acting Joint Relief Supplement


I have some major joint issues and have had many major surgeries.  Some days are really difficult to get up and get moving.  I can take prescription medications but after a few days the meds increase my blood pressure and give me headaches.  Therefore, I usually need to go without any meds and suffer through the difficulties.  That is not my favorite option but it is what it is.


But most recently I have been using Regenerix NOW which is not a prescription or medication.  It is a botannical anti-inflammatory supplement primarily targeted for maintaining joint comfort.


I have been using this for a couple weeks and it has definitely helped.  I still have some difficulties getting up and moving when I have been stationary for a period of time but once I am moving – everything is good.  I can do my work during the day as well as not struggle through my barn chores for our horse such as cleaning her stall, lugging hay, grain, bedding, filling water buckets and more.  It is alot of work and not so much fun when I am in pain but so much more tolerable and goes by much more quickly when the pain is under control.


Some of the ingredients are peppermint, ginger and hops.  All I needed to do was take one after a heavy meal and then the relief comes pretty quickly.  I am definitely not able to take this on an empty stomach but it doesn’t bother me at all if I take it with a full meal.
Next week I go on vacation and I can’t wait.  I have been unable to do long hikes, cliff walks etc… for quite some time.  Now I can do them without difficulties.


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  1. Emilia says:

    You must clearly understand for what purposes you are taking this or that supplement, otherwise money will simply be wasted, and besides, it can simply harm you. I only take bcaa powder now, it helps me to be more enduring in sports.

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