Dirobi Pure Himalyan Shilajit Resin #dirobi

Dirobi Pure Himalyan Shilajit Resin


My body has a difficult time with minerals and absorbing them properly.  As a result I often need to take large doses of calcium, magnesium etc… I had heard about this product/supplement and really wanted to give it a try.  Due to my mineral deficiencies I often suffer muscle cramps that can be debilitating – even my forearm muscles so I cannot even type or write.




I am totally fed up with all the muscle cramping and taking massive mineral supplements all day long every day.  This Dirobi Pure Himalyan Shilajit Resin is completely pure and naturally extracted all the way from Tibet.




It is a pure, natural provider of fulvic and humic acid.  This is not a powder – powders can be found pretty easily.  This is a resin and almost a tar like black paste.  I was definitely a little intimidated when I opened it.  The container is relatively small – a glass container.


I have been taking this as a supplement for a couple weeks now with great success.  I have had very few muscle cramps at all – and I even forget that I suffer from them at times.  This contains all necessary trace minerals and help by increasing energy, vitality and clarity of mind.


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