75′ Expandable Garden Hose #gardehose

75' Expandable Garden Hose



This expandable flexible garden water hose is by Kelley General.  It is a full 75 feet when filled with water and fully expanded.





This hose has solid brass fittings with its own shut off valve.  The core of the hose is a double layer latex designed not to kink.  It starts out at 25 feet long and expands to a full 75 feet.  You can see in our photo just how long it becomes.


When it is at 25 feet I turn on the hose and it continues to expand as it builds up pressure until it reaches 75 feet.  It is nice and lightweight.  My inlaws live with us and we needed a hose that would be just as manageable by someone in their teens as well as someone in their 70s.  The fittings are brass so they will not break like the cheap plastic fittings do.  The hose has its own on/off switch and it comes with the added bonus of a rack to hang on as well as a hose nozzle.  It takes up minimal space – even my 11 year old can easily set up a sprinker or fill the kiddie pool without me going to to unroll a large bulky hose and struggle to roll the entire thing back up.


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