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SC2 Digital Pedometer by OZO Fitness #OZOFitness

SC2 Digital Pedometer by OZO Fitness


This Ozo Fitness Digital pedometer can be worn anywhere.  I can be worn in your pocket, on your waist or even around your neck.  I tend to wear it in my pocket because I try to always wear clothes that have pockets anyway.  If by chance I am wearing a skirt, I just clip it to my waist.





This is a nice sturdy pedometer – not the cheap $5 kind of pedometer.  This one is information, also displays a time and has false start technology so steps don’t count until there are 15 consecutive steps.  It counts steps in every direction – which other pedometers can often miss.



The clip on the back is a nice sturdy clip that I don’t expect to break on me.  The display is large and easy to see and read.  The step counter can be personalized and easily accommodates users weighing from 44 pounds to 441 pounds.  A miniature screwdriver is included because there is a clear/reset button on the back for you to start from scratch.


This digital pedometer is also available on Amazon.
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