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50 FT World’s Strongest Expandable Garden Hose Set #gardspo

50 FT World's Strongest Expandable Garden Hose Set


I cannot even count how many expandable garden hoses I have purchased, particularly in the last three months since we have owned a horse.  At the barn, the hoses get used constantly.  They get stepped on by people, run over by wheel barrows and I don’t think they can get run over by a horse or pony where it is connected but I suppose anything is possible.




This is definitely not the same type of hose I keep purchasing.  This one uses an inner tube so there are no leaks and no bursting.  This garDspo 50 foot expanding hose has a unique leakproof system.  There are brass connectors with special interlocking clips with a protective rubber sleeve which diffuses pressure buildup.  It has a strong outer fabric which is the strongest on the internet.


Explandable Hose At The Barn


This hose does come with it’s own rack but I just hang it on the barn gate – that is what works best for me.   The hose is very lightweight and expands up to a full 50 feet.  It only weighs 1.4 lbs.  It starts out at 17 feet but once the water pressure builds up it expands to 50 feet.  When I am done using it, the water empties and it shrinks right back down.  This hose will never kink, twist or tangle.


This hose comes with some free bonuses: – In addition to getting the best flexible garden hose on the planet, you will also get free their new design 9-settings hose nozzle and metal hose holder, which you know will last a lifetime.


The brass fittings are exceptional.  Most “cheap” hoses have plastic fittings that break and snap.  It has an on/off valve right on the brass fitting.  The set also comes with its own 9 setting hose nozzle.


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