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Thermally Modified Wood Decking by Cherry Forest Products #thermallymodifiedwood

Thermally Modified Wood Decking



CFP Cladding & Decking thermally modified wood is definitely a product we need at our house.  We have had to replace the side porch on our house twice since we bought it 13 years ago.  We’ve used pressure treated wood but the way it is designed it seems to hold water, particularly throughout the winter months and then the wood gets more and more soft over the series of several years.




You actually can’t see the side porch (left hand side of photo) in this image but you can see all the other decking we need to worry about.  This year we needed to replace a great deal of this decking too.




This thermally modified wood is the new standard.  It is 100% natural but it is also sustainable and can be used for siding or decking.  It is best in class when it comes to durability and the color is nice and rich making it perfect for either of those projects.




The thermal modification process is 100% chemical and additive free.  I don’t need to worry about anything impacting our kids, pets or anything being harmful in the future.  They are totally safe for all environmentally sensitive situations.




The color is a nice rich walnut color.  The color is maintained uniformly throughout.

This is definitely a product I will be checking out before doing any more repairs or rebuilds!


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