The Country In Me

The Country in Me


I grew up in the country – true country living with acres of land, a large house, a nice porch and neighbors far away.  But I had never really considered myself a country girl.  My college was in a city and I was suddenly exposed to a great deal more than I ever had been – good and bad.


Since that time in my life I have always lived in a more suburban setting – not country at all but definitely not city.  Then a year ago our lives changed – never saw it coming.  We started horseback riding – actually the kids did.  Then we leased horses… Then we owned a horse… Now we own horses.   Every aspect of our lives has now changed and we find such peace in the country world.  We currently board because we do live in a little suburb that would never allow horses or animals other than dogs and cats and even that is regulated.


We also spend a great deal of time in Maine – and seriously – you don’t get more country then some of those regions and it is an entirely different experience just getting away from it all.


I am now finding myself dreaming about country homes and the large white wraparound porches, the beautiful windows and the country window treatments.  Country curtains make a huge difference in home decor and allow us to get the full country feel directly into our homes.


Country Windows


The funny thing is I grew up with window curtains that my mother had always selected with a country theme.  Now my life has come full circle and I am beginning to do the same.  These are my absolute favorite and are the first on my list.


American Country Porch


What kind of window curtains are your favorites?

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