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LNKOO Bluetooth Headset Touch-sensitive Control #LNKOOHEADSET



I spend a great deal of time on the road and when I am on the road I am always working on something.  The best way to maximize my work activities is to be able to take calls while I am driving.  But that doesn’t mean I am looking at my phone and dialing it while driving.


This LNKOO Bluetooth Headset is the perfect hands free device with touch sensitive controls allowing me to drive, work, exercise and even ride a horse.  I am able to pick up or reject a call and even listen to my music which is perfect when I am cleaning stalls.  It has voice control so I can simply say yes or no to pick up a call or reject it.  It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  My favorite feature is that it can pair with two devices at the same time – I can listen to music on one device and answer the phone of another.


It is small enough to not cause any type of inconvenience – virtually not even able to be noticed by others around me.


The sound quality is very clear for me to listen to but it is even very clear for the person I am speaking to.  The microphone is perfect with no distortion.  I think everyone who has to work on the run needs one of these – but even if you aren’t working, this is perfect for just about any activity!  It is also available in four colors.


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