Save The Elephants T-shirts #preciouselephants

Save The Elephants T-shirts


The Save The Elephants T-Shirts are unique and have a 100% cotton double-needle neck, sleeves and hem t-shirt design.


Save The Elephants


This shirt is not sold in stores and it can be find only this Precious Elephants store. This shirt is printed especially for consumers in their printer center in Detroit.




From – Recent research by STE revealed that an estimated 100,000 elephants were killed for their ivory in Africa between 2010 and 2012. The number of elephants remaining in Africa is uncertain, but are likely to be in the region of 500,000. Taking into account births these losses are driving declines in the world’s wild African elephants on the order of 2-3% a year. The ivory trade is fueling organized crime and insecurity as traffickers smuggle tusks through the same networks as other high value illegal goods such as drugs. Ultimately the trade is driven by demand for ivory in consumer countries, mostly in the East, where it is sought after as a status symbol and an investment.


We must work to save the elephants and stop the craziness.  Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals on this planet and they are capable of strong emotions and bonds.  They have strong cultural significance across Africa.  Elephants are absolutely amazing and majestic – make a statement and show your love for elephants with the Save The Elephants T-Shirts.


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