How to Survive Festivals With Kids



How to survive festivals with kids


Taking kids to a festival is a daunting experience to say the least. Many parents shy away from the idea and instead leave the kids at home, but festivals are a great experience for kids. It’s an opportunity for them to make friends and try out new activities. Read our top tips on how to survive festivals with kids and make the most of the weekend.


Transport is absolutely essential. It’s an easy way of transporting all your gear from the carpark and festival trolleys are ideal for late nights when the kids want to crash. These days you can hire trolleys that have a soft mattress at the bottom and a top cover so you can pop the kids in when they tire and continue enjoying the festival. Add fairy lights to make it a magical experience for the kids.


Most festivals have a huge range of food on offer but it’s expensive, the queues are usually huge and if your kids are picky eaters, you might struggle to find something they like. Taking snacks and packed lunches along will keep the kids happy and you won’t waste time queuing until dinner time when most of the activities are winding down.


It’s definitely worth keeping a few little tricks up your sleeve for when the kids are tired and have had enough of festival entertainment. When your favourite band appears pull out a pack of cards, some face paint, glow sticks or stickers to keep them occupied. Taking a couple of face paints and allowing them to paint each other’s faces will keep them entertained for at least an hour.


Most festivals have a fancy dress theme such as safari or animals and dressing up is an easy way for the kids to integrate with others who are wearing similar costumes. Watch the excitement as they see another child approaching with the same costume. Animal onesies are a fun option for kids as they are comfortable for the day and when it gets cold at night they can be worn over pyjamas to keep you warm. Keep a couple of fancy dress accessories in the bottom of your trolley if they get bored of what they are wearing.




Waterproofs and wellies are essential for festivals as everyone is miserable when they get wet and despite hoping for glorious sunshine it doesn’t always materialise. A pair of wellies will save the kids from the mud and it’s perfectly on trend for festivals.


So you’ve packed the tent, sleeping bags, food, drinks and your sense of adventure but it feels like you can still squeeze a couple more things into the car. Don’t forget medical supplies, sun cream, a few extra bottles of water and of course the kids.


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