Backseat Car Organizer For Kids #carorganizer




Most families nowadays spend a great deal of time on the road and heading from one place to another.  We are no different – camping, swimming, horseback riding and more.  If I don’t pack stuff for the trips then I will inevitably have to stop and buy something.  The key is to be organized and plan ahead.




This Backseat Car Organizer allows me to have plenty of storage as well as the ability to carry anything the kids need (or want) for our long trips.  This is perfect for babies but just as perfect for the older children.  There are 15 different size pockets and two stretchy holders that can hold baby bottles, sippy cups or even my kids (older) water bottles.




We tend to fill ours with everything for the outdoors – cameras, phone chargers, snacks, cell phones, headphones and more.  The fabric is waterproof and odorless – perfect for children’s safety and won’t interfere with allergies.  It is easy to install and everything is now off the floor while still allowing us to have everything we need.

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