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Islands Miracle Essential Oil Diffuser #islandsmiracle



My daughter tends to really need some assistance to relax – she sleeps with white noise, a night light, a weighted blanket and more.  She also suffers from allergies and other issues that need some minor room humidification etc…




We have found great success and peace with the Islands Miracle Essential Oil Diffuser.  We add essential oil to the diffuser and she is able to relax and get a decent amount of sleep.  At bedtime we definitely use Lavender essential oils but during the day we tend to use lemon – more of a fruity scent.




This diffuser has a 170 mL reservoir – larger than others I have seen and it is even attractive and can add to any decor.  The color changing light feature allows me to get rid of the other night light in her room and she loves this so much more.  Once she is asleep I switch it to the pitch black mode which allows the room to remain dark.




It also acts as a cool mist humidifier and as we head into the winter months that will be very helpful for her.  I expect her to have fewer sinus infections this year.  The mist lasts up to 6 hours.


Easy to use instructions:

Easily remove top, add water to fill line, add your favorite essential oils, replace top and push button.
1st button press turns the diffuser on and light rotation mode

2nd button press holds the current color

3rd button press turns off the light but the diffuser stays on

4th button press turns off the diffuser


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