The sleepSEE orthokeratology system is leading the way to overnight vision correction and myopia control



More and more people (adults and children) are choosing non-surgical vision correction over invasive procedures such as LASIK or PRK.

It is incredible that the science (orthokeratology) behind sleepSEE has been around for many decades, yet people still do not have a complete understanding of this non-surgical medical procedure. The idea behind the sleepSEE vision correction system is to fit specially designed contact lenses, which are gas permeable, onto your eyes (cornea) and have the patients wear them overnight. While the patient sleeps, their lenses will start to reshape the front part of their eyes (cornea). Initially, as the cornea is reshaped over time, the patient begins to see better each day. There is no need to wear the lenses during the daytime.

There are two major reasons why an individual may be prescribed the sleepSEE ortho-k treatment. These are to correct refractive errors (ie, nearsightedness/farsightedness) and to slow childhood myopia (or nearsighted) progression. For children who suffer from nearsightedness, the sleepSEE Orthokeratology system is clinically proven to slow down myopia progression. For adults who suffer from nearsightedness, astigmatism and hyperopia, it is very possible to see incredible results after just one night of wear!

While the sleepSEE system is an incredible method for reshaping the cornea and correcting vision problems, only a certain type of candidate is ideal for this procedure. This is why many methods of vision correction, including sleepSEE, require evaluations to see if a person is an ideal candidate.  Only your sleepSEE provider can give the final determination.

The biggest reason why you would want to choose the sleepSEE non-surgical vision correction procedure over other methods is its ability to correct problems related to nearsightedness. But if you suffer from astigmatism or other problems with your vision, you may also be a candidate for sleepSEE. One reason patients choose sleepSEE orthokeratology over Lasik eye surgery is that no surgery is needed with sleepSEE.

Individuals who have problems with myopia or astigmatism are great candidates for the sleepSEE overnight vision correction program. This method is proven to help such individuals return to a normal level of vision. In addition, there are minimum to no risks attached with this method. Because the sleepSEE ortho-k system is temporary, patients can simply stop wearing the lenses every night and their vision will return to its pre-treatment levels. For those who are happy

with the results, they can keep wearing the lenses for up to two years before seeking replacements.

The results from sleepSEE ortho-k will depend on each individual case. While doctors are always aiming to restore candidates to 20/20 vision, it may be more prudent to aim for the most comfortable vision in other cases.  This is one of the reasons why eyecare experts are beginning to recommend the sleepSEE vision correction system for children and adults.

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