Love IKEA? Then You Definitely Need “I Modify IKEA”



IKEA is the world’s favorite store for affordable, quality home furnishings. In fact, IKEA’s products have proven to be so versatile and stylish that they not only function as originally intended, but work equally well as building blocks for unique DIY projects (aka IKEA Hacks).

Introducing “I Modify IKEA,” a new full-color, hardcover book featuring 50 DIY projects for every room of your house. In just a few steps, you’ll mix and match, cut and glue, and paint and tint IKEA items into new customized decor.

“I Modify IKEA” offers clever crafting ideas for every room, from a stylish wood bath mat, savvy rolling bar cart, and one-of-a-kind painted sofa to upscaled throw pillows, innovative light fixtures and even stuff for the kids’ rooms.




We are fortunate enough to live near an IKEA.  Now when I say near… it is all relative.  In my neck of the woods we don’t live “near” much so IKEA is an hour and a half away – that is relatively close as far as distances go.  It is my favorite place to stop whenever we end up on that end of the state – but it takes quite a bit of time to shop there.  IKEA is huge.


I often see awesome projects that use IKEA products or furniture as a starting point.  I absolutely want to make my daughter a bed out of IKEA bookshelves.  That project isn’t in this book – though it should be.  Maybe they will add it to the next edition.  My favorite project in this book is the reading bench.  I have seriously always wanted a reading bench or a reading nook and never had that opportunity.  This bench is definitely going to be my next project!


There are projects with very detailed, easy to follow plans throughout this entire book.  Something that everyone can create and love.  Now these projects are IKEA based but not everyone has the opportunity to live near an IKEA – in those cases it is easy enough to improvise with these plans.


This book is available on Amazon for Kindle or Paperback.


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